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February 2019 



My Vision

Ambitious and challenging offshore installations in harsh environments have to be designed and optimized totally from an operational point of view taking into consideration the full range of determining factors, such as environmental sensitivity, operational aspects, technical possibilities, construction and investment requirements, lifecycle and operational costs.


This sounds unpretentiously simple. So why is this still a remarkable vision or philosophy?

Currently, offshore projects are mostly designed from an engineering point of view, i.e. the most reasonable engineering solution is developed. But it is essential to develop a holistic concept at a very early stage of a project. This makes it possible to formulate new offshore concepts and dramatically cuts construction and lifecycle costs. Cost reductions of up to 50% are achievable particularly for projects in ice covered waters.



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Dr. Walter L. Kuehnlein

Managing Director

sea2ice Ltd. & Co. KG 

offshore and arctic solutions



With more than 30 years of experience in offshore operations, engineering, science, construction and environmental issues I take care or review the entire offshore concept (operational, engineering & constructional aspects) instead of optimizing only details.


I offer a comprehensive range of integrated services providing offshore and arctic solutions to clients all over the world. Providing the best solutions by identifying and managing operational, engineering, constructional and environmental risks and liabilities, maximizing efficiency, reducing costs and achieving compliance with international standards.


·         Review and advice for new designs and concepts (working for operators or contractors) considering operational, engineering, constructional and environmental aspects

·         Design philosophies for offshore structures and systems in harsh environments (ice and open waters)

·         Design philosophies for arctic operational concepts for offshore installations

·         Offshore Wind: concepts for design, installation, operations & logistics

·         Offshore Wind: installation concepts and supervision (offshore matters)

·         Tailor made solutions for new concepts, platforms, upgrades and modifications using operational,     engineering, constructional and environmental optimized solutions

·         Evacuation concepts, especially for ice covered waters

·         Analysis of ice conditions and consequences on structures and systems

·         Analysis of wave (sea) conditions and consequences on structures and systems

·         Supervision of numerical simulations and/or model tests in ice and open waters

·         HAZOP concepts and studies

·         Ice and wave engineering courses

·         Team Creation: Bringing together highly skilled engineers and environmental consultants